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Here’s How We’re Setting The Trend With Canadian Wellington-Style Boots 
Outstanding Quality

Designed and built with style, comfort and durability in mind, our natural rubber boots are made from biodegradable natural rubber with tread soles for extra grip when faced with moisture, grease, oil and mud – all without compromising their integrity.

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We pride ourselves in staying true to our Canadian roots. Our natural rubber wellies are classic, rugged ‘billy’ boots that come in a unisex design for all to enjoy. Apart from being light-weighted, they’re also puncture and wear-resistant – making them perfect for both the city and country.

Tradition Meets Modern Style

Popular in the 50s and 60s, Canadian rubber boots have returned with an innovative design. Traditionally Black, you can now choose a Red, Blue, Green and Camouflage trim for an updated 21st-century look. It’s the same retro style, but with a shiny finish.


Product Features


Made with high quality, natural and extra soft rubber.

Absorbing Quality

Cotton cloth lining on the inside absorbs sweat and deodorizes feet.


Can combine a Black finish with various colour trims and different sole and colour combinations


Product design

Tuff Guy Boots Product Design: 1960s Origins Get A 21st Century Update

Our traditional 1960s Canadian Wellies are handcrafted in India using our world-class uniformed technology designs and made with 100% natural rubber. Each natural rubber boot has a refined outsole design moulded by our factory craftsmen and women.

Combine this with treaded soles (for extra grip in muddy and wet conditions) and warm insulating material linings (perfect for the harshest Canadian winter), and it’s easy to see why we’re the preferred environmentally friendly rain boots for any outdoor setting and in any season!


Product full detail

Made from 100% natural rubber

Anti-slip sole, made from natural rubber designed to offer more floor grip when confronted with moisture, grease, or oil

A-grade quality extra soft rubber for more durable and wear resistance

Classic with a sole variety style and colour combinations

Affordable natural rubber boots for sale and perfect for every season


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